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"If you cannot be a work of art, you must wear a work of art."--Oscar Wilde

The concept for Morpheus Watches was to create fully custom works of horological art, dedicated to some specific theme, avocation, or vocation. The Passagen Watch, a design based on H.R. Giger's Passages (the Oscar-winning designer of ALIEN) series of surreal and industrial works of art, was a project that took over three years to finish. The complex case was comprised of fifteen individually manufactured parts, and hand assembled with great care. This design went through many iterations (as many of our projects do), as we pushed the envelope of traditional production. The unusual and difficult keyhole cut of the sapphire crystal, was the least challenging phase of the lengthy process.

Our creative team has years of experience in the design arts and the cutting-edge world of Hollywood film design. Extensive research and development goes into each and every timepiece we bring you.

James Cowan of Morpheus Art and  Watches

It was our love of film that led us to do The Cinema watch. Its film-reel dial and art deco nuances serve as a tribute to the wonderful history of world cinema Our line of Temps Militaire M1 Abrams Tank, Sniper watches and 1911 Pistol watches are robust timepieces, with military and historical themes. The Veloce racing watches and our Sniper series of watches possess evocative themes, and complex function automatic movements.

Most of our watches are strictly limited in production and all are painstakingly made with high quality components usually featured on much more expensive products. Our Atelier Morpheus series watches are Swiss made, with the unique precision and sense of craftsmanship that only they can bring to fine watches.

We are focused on delivering to our customers an ever increasing variety of fascinating and provocative timepieces, and stand behind each one with a two-year warranty, and prompt, personalized customer service.

James Cowan


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