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Morpheus and Atelier Morpheus Fine Watches

Veloce Speciale automatic racing watch:

Morpheus Veloce Drivers Watch

Master Chef automatic watch in stainless:

Master Chef automatic watch

Master Chef culinary watch

The Sniper Watch 7.62 with power reserve:

Morpheus Sniper Watch 7.62 by Wiggs Photo

Lawrence from Phoenix sent in this photo of his Veloce racing watch:
Veloce Giallo F1 watch from Morpheus
Chef Jason Hall CMC wearing his Master Chef wrist watch:
Chef Jason Hall and his Morpheus Culinary Watch for Chefs

The Arctic Sniper Wrist Watch (pic sent in by JR from Chicago).
Sniper .338 Lapua tactical watch from Morpheus
Veloce Speciale Racing Watch
Veloce Speciale gold racing watch from Morpheus

Sniper 7.62 Automatic with Power Reserve
Sniper 7.62 military watch from Morpheus

Veloce Giallo Racing Watch
Veloce Giallo F1 racing watch from Morpheus

The Executive Chef Watch

Executive Chef Watch from Morpheus Watches
The Master Chef Watch

Master Chef culinary watch from Morpheus
The Sniper Series
morpheus sniper watch

Morpheus Sniper wristwatch automatic military watch

Morpheus Sniper 338 Lapua wrist watch

Morpheus Sniper watch 300 Winchester automatic

The Veloce Giallo and the Veloce Speciale are released in the United States in limited editions.
48mm automatics with carbon fiber dials in a Formula 1racing themed design.

Veloce Speciale Morpheus Racing Watch

Morpheus releases the VELOCE ROSSO automatic racing watch for the 2015 F1 Singapore Grand Prix.
48mm case with exhibition back, sapphire crystal, and carbon fiber dial. Limited to 88/pcs.SOLD OUT

Velloce Rosso racing watch with Ferrari model

Our new brand ambassador for our Morpheus 'Temps Militaire' watch line.
Jesse Tischauser is a top competitive shooter and will be working
with us in promoting our timepieces and consulting on upcoming designs.

Jesse Tischauser 3-Gun Competitor with Morpheus 1911 Watch

Jesse Tischauser Competition Shooter with Morpehus M1A2 Abrams Tank watch

The M1 Tank Watch with 45mm stainless case, sapphire crystal, and nylon camo strap:

Morpheus M1A2 tank watch with nato camo strap

The Culinary Executive Chef Watch in 18k gold plate. The watch for chefs and food lovers.
Moyota automatic movement and sapphire crystal:

Morpheus Executive Chef Culinary Watch

Morpheus Executive Chef Watch with leather strap

The Culinary Master Chef Watch in 316L stainless with Miyota automatic exhibition movement.
Skillet textured dial with burner top cover over open heart movement.
Skillet handle formed crown protector with bolts.
Domed sapphire crystal and screw down crown:

master Chef automatic watch in stainless

Master Chef watch case back automatic
1911 .45 Watch pictured with Colt .45 Auto. 45mm case with sapphire crystal in a limited edition.
Leather strap with USA embossed:

1911 wrist watch Morpheus

Black M1 Abrams Tank Watch with Desert Storm dial.
Thick 45mm case with sapphire crystal and comfortable rubber strap. Built like a tank!
M1A2 Abrams Tank Watch from Morpheus

M1A2 Abrams Tank Watch from Morpheus

H.R. Giger inspired Passagen Watch. Swiss made quartz in a 42.5 mm black case with sapphire crystal in a limited edition.
From the designer of ALIEN:
Giger Passagen Wrist Watch Morpheus
Giger Passagen watch. Steampunk fashion in a Swiss made automatic timepiece.
Black with complex 17 part case:

Giger Passagen watch from Morpheus Swiss made

Giger Passagen watch in black Swiss Automatic from Morpehus

M1A2 Watch with tank themed design.
Swiss Ronda GMT movement with a two layer dial
complete with indicia and markings from tank units:

M1A2 Abrams Tank Watch from Morpheus Watches
Our M1 Watch in Panzer Grey and easily read white markings:

M1A2 Tank watch in panzer gray from Morpheus
The M1 Tank watch with Euro camo dial.
24/hr readout in an industrial style window.
4mm thick steel case walls mimmick the armor of main battle tanks.

M1 Tank watch from Morpheus

M1 Abrams wristwatch from Morpheus

The 1911 Pistol Watch 'Commemorate' version.
Limited Edition paying homage to John Browning's iconic design.
18k gold plated 45mm case:

1911 Pistol watch from Morpheus

1911 pistol watch from morpheus

The stainless veriant of the 1911 Watch.
Dial details taken from the classic pistol include grip texture,
nib and screw, and date surround in form of the back of a .45 ACP round:

1911 Watch from Morpheus with Colt 1911 pistol
The black 'Marksman' version of the 1911 Watch. Tough and accurate just like the 1911 pistol:

1911 Watch with Colt Gold Cup .45
1911 Military Watch Swiss Quartz and Sapphire Crystal

1911 Pistol Marksman Watch from Morpheus
  • The Cinema Watch from Atelier Morpheus. Swiss made ETA automatic, set within a 44mm case.
Film reel themed with classic deco fonts.
Sapphire crystal and screw down crown. Film strip textured silicon strap:
Morpheus Cinema Kino watch made in Switzerland

Cinema Kino Watch Rubber Strap film strip texture

The Cinema Watch Swiss made automatic from Morpheus

Cinema Watch Swiss Made from Morpheus

Cinema Watch Swiss Automatic from Morpheus

Culinary watch for chefs with quartz alarm from Morpheus
Culinary watch for chefs with quartz alarm from Morpheus
Culinary watch for chefs with quartz alarm from Morpheus
Culinary watch for chefs with quartz alarm from MorpheusMORPHEUS CULINARY WATCHCulinary watch for chefs with quartz alarm from Morpheus

The H.R. Giger 'Passagen' Watches from Morpheus
Giger Passagen wrist watch
H.R. Giger Passagen Watch in gold Swiss made

H.R. Giger gold plated Passagen automatic Swiss watch

Giger Passagen watch

Giger Passagen Wrist Watch Morpheus Watches

Giger wristwatch morpheus watches

giger watch from morpheus with alien