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Morpheus Watches
METAL WATCH BAND SIZING: If the band is too large for your wrist, it is usually simplest to take it to a jeweler or watch repair shop to get it resized. Some jewelers will even do it for free. Changing them yourself is simple. Remove the pin, remove the desired amount of links, reattach the links and replace the pin. There are inexpensive tools made to make this process even easier.
WATER RESISTANCE: Your Morpheus watch is fine to wear during normal activities where it may become wet for short periods of time. We do not recommend submerging or swimming with a watch, or similar such activity, unless you have a diver's watch with a screw down crown. This applies to most fine timepieces.
AUTOMATIC: Automatic watches (like The Passagen) refer to those mechanical watches which wind themselves by a swinging mass or rotor (which rotates by arm movement) which through a series of gears, winds the mainspring which in turn powers the watch. Despite being considered more the province of high end watches, automatic movements generally tend to be a bit less accurate than the quartz movement. Power reserve is usually around 40 hours. Traditional MECHANICAL watches are wound by hand.
QUARTZ: A watch powered by an oscillating quartz crystal which draws power from battery. Oscillating 32,768 times per second, an electronic circuit divides this oscillation into precise increments of 1 second or less. Used in both digital and analog watches. The quartz watch is normally extremely accurate. Watches have been made super-accurate by using a much higher frequency (e.g. 4.2 million cycles per second) or by utilizing dual oscillators.
SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL: Synthetic sapphire formed for use as the crystal of a watch. Extremely scratch resistant (9 on the Moh scale), a sapphire crystal is the material of choice for most high end watch collectors.
CASE PLATING: Unless a case is in its original stainless steel, most coatings or plating done for color or tone will over time wear down or scratch. Therefore, stainless is the most durable look for a case, though some wear and roughness is considered an acceptable norm for other finishes. PVD is the current state of the art for coating cases in black. However, even with this process, some scratching can occur. This can be 'touched up' or left as part of the evolving aesthetic of the timepiece.
DAY: If your watch has this function, please note that most watch movements are +/- three hours in changing from one day to the next.
WINDER: A motorized bay to place an automatic watch in so that it may be wound when not in use. Winders may be made for single watches, or designed to house and wind dozens of watches.
ENGRAVING: Please inquire about custom engraving options.



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