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Atelier Morpheus Passagen watch is inspired by Mr. H.R. Gigerís works. And it shows: the watch, which is available either in a black PVD or 18-carat gold-plated case looks like a scale 3D model of a fragment of his Opus Magnum.--World Watch Review
Itís a labor of love, and the attention to detail on a singular vision is one of the things I like most about Morpheus.
A whimsical and quite cool watch for the chef in all of us.--Crunchgear
This creation is all business! The design echoes the rugged look of a professional kitchen, with its industrial edges, a stove's gas-knob inspired crowns and pot-handle appearance of the cover above the crown.--Chef Talk
It is a fun and inviting timepiece that I think will appeal to many people.--Ablogtoread

The culinary design cues are subtle enough to not shout "I'm a chef!" yet are still a reminder of an avocation or profession. It's very functional, eminently readable at a glance, and stylistically versatile enough for almost any setting.--The Watch Report Morpheus Culinary

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